We are consumer behaviour experts

A place where ‘insights happen’ at the edge of driving new understanding of why people do what they do. In today’s economy we need to understand how and why consumers behave. We need to know how and why consumers make decisions, what they think, want and need. When we know how consumers behave we can meet their needs and develop innovative brands, products and strategies that appeal to them.

This is MI.ND Lab’s expertise. A place where we research markets and consumers using our knowledge of consumer behaviour to find reliable insights that help you grow your business. We research consumer behaviour in MI.ND Lab, our Market Insights and discoveries Lab.

Our lab has world-class equipment and provide for the exploration of:

Through our research we identify what matters most to consumers so you can develop brands, products and services consumers what to be associated with.


So you will be noticed

People have a lot of information to deal with. This risk with all the competing noise will elevate to general insights that human behaviour speaks, and information is that your brands and products are ignored. This is easier when you know and understand how consumers feel, behave, what they need and are interested in.

We pick brains, explore attitudes, motivations and responses in our MI.ND Lab to gain a deep understanding of your business can:

  • Create marketing messages that are appealing
  • Get your input and feedback on products and solutions, and
  • Provide client experiences that build close, lifelong and trusting connections
  • Register as a participant to take part in one of our studies

To be at the forefront of insights activation

  • Engage
  • Inspire
  • Activate

What can be done

Combine conventional research with neuroscientific techniques

The human brain is powerful, weird and wonderful, and responds in many different ways. Ours brains are hardwired for certain instinctual responses that we do automatically and unconsciously. We also use our brains to analyse and think about things consciously. There’s a lot going in our brains and knowing how and why we behave the way we do isn’t simply matter of asking questions and analysing the answers. Conventional research methodologies like interviews and surveys don’t give enough information about how we remember and express feelings. The results are sometimes skewed by the influence of peer perceptions. In addition, the language used in surveys is open to interpretation. To really understand consumer behaviour, we need to use a number of research methodologies. 

The MI.ND Lab combines conventional research methodologies with neuroscientific techniques so that insights are put rationalised and justified reactions into perspective. Neuroscientific research methodologies focus on unconscious response to stimuli. In other words, we measure your brain and body’s instinctual, intuitive and emotional reaction to sensory inputs. This gives us deep insights into consumer behaviour. MI.ND Lab is equipped for a combination of conventional qualitative and quantitative research services to provide current, relevant and accurate consumer insights. These services include focus groups, a variety of the latest neuroscience and technology enabled techniques, co-creation exercises and experiments based on behavioural principles.

In summary, MI.ND Lab is:

  • Neuroscientific Research    
  • Eye tracking
  • Electroencephalography (EEG)
  • Electrocardiography (ECG)
  • Facial coding
  • Galvanic skin response (GSR)
  • Focus Groups/IDI/HNW table talks (Add tech to support)
  • Co-creation sessions
  • UX testing (Controlled laboratory)
  • Experimental design (Implicit association testing/AB testing)

Your brain is hard-wired to act in pre-determined emotional ways, known as the “paleomammalian brain”, Limbic system or Subconscious.
Your brain is hard-wired to enable rational, analytic thoughts - known as the “Nonmammalian brain”, neocortex or conscious.

Overview of brain.

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