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Your brain is hard-wired for certain instinctual responses (the so-called “reptilian brain”/unconscious), to act in pre-determined emotional ways (the “paleomammalian brain”/limbic system/subconscious) and to enable rational, analytic thoughts (the “neomammalian brain”/neocortex/conscious).

Conventional research methodologies like interviews and surveys come up short with the remembering and expressing of feelings and results are sometimes skewed by the influence of peer perceptions, and the fact that language is open to interpretation. However, in combination with modern neuroscientific techniques, the rationalised and justified reactions are put into perspective and become invaluable in helping to uncover rich insights.

Neuroscientific research methodologies again focus on the basis of unconscious and subconscious response to stimuli. In other words, we measure your brain and body’s instinctual, intuitive and emotional reaction to sensory inputs.

Because no single methodology has the monopoly on the truth, The MI.ND Lab™ is equipped for a combination of conventional qualitative research services (like focus groups), a variety of the latest neuroscience and technology-enabled techniques, co-creation exercises and experiments based on behavioural economic principles to provide current, relevant and accurate consumer insights.

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The human brain is a powerful, weird and wonderful thing. As our understanding of how and why people act and react expand, new and exciting discoveries are made about what makes us tick, how we make decisions and how our memory is activated.

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