Eye tracking

Your brain automatically directs the eye to the information it is busy processing. By observing what you are looking at, for how long and in which patterns, we can see how and what information your brain is processing.

The MI.ND Lab™ does this with eye tracking technology that measures and tracks eye movements, where your eyes fixate as well as pupillometry (pupil dilation) on a moment to moment basis.

Eye tracking is used to:

  • Test advertisements
  • Optimise website interfaces and usability
  • Test the layout of collateral material.

By using eye tracking in combination with EEG, we are able to understand not only where you look, but also what happens in the brain at that exact moment in time.

What We Do

The human brain is a powerful, weird and wonderful thing. As our understanding of how and why people act and react expand, new and exciting discoveries are made about what makes us tick, how we make decisions and how our memory is activated.

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