Social and behavioural studies

Guided by behavioural economic principles (also known as a cross-breed between psychology and economics), the implications of social and behavioural studies are far-reaching, and its ideas have been applied to various domains, including personal finance, health and marketing.

In the MI.ND Lab™ a considerable amount of time and energy is spent on designing psychological experiments to understand the extent to which clients and consumers use biases and heuristics to make decisions – something that often results in unexpected outcomes.

What We Do

The human brain is a powerful, weird and wonderful thing. As our understanding of how and why people act and react expand, new and exciting discoveries are made about what makes us tick, how we make decisions and how our memory is activated.

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Is Free Will Just an Illusion?

09 March 2016

We live a life where we are confronted with having to make decisions on a...



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